While engineers and designers feverishly worked overtime on the move forward of a four-passenger sports car they code-named the F-car, the Chevy public relations, marketing and advertising team prepared the world for the inauguration of a car they called the Panther. camaro stripes

All through the summer of 1965 roughly every aspect of the vehicle’s design and development, from preliminary design sketches to clay models, was photographed and purposefully documented. Chevy used the assets to make a 30 -minute movie The Camaro, which was far ahead shown upon TV and in movie theaters. They moreover introduced women’s clothing called the Camaro increase and even a Camaro road race game.

In November, Chevy sales executives and creative people previewed prototype models at the GM Tech Center. Campbell-Ewald, Chevy’s venerable ad agency, quickly began piece of legislation upon catalogs, refer mail and sales promotion materials, along in imitation of print, outside and TV/radio advertising. In April 1966, at the extra York Auto pretense Press Conference, Chevrolet sales executives admitted no broadcast had been fixed for the additional vehicle, but did declare that pricing of 1967 model will be in the Corvair-Chevy II range.

Throughout at the forefront 1966 Chevy suffering on top of a name for its Mustang-killer. GM’s upper admin was excited virtually the gruff connotations of the Panther name. A thesame bout of frosty feet would superior cause the Pontiac version, code named the Banshee, to be renamed Firebird. exceeding its quick lifetime, the F-car had been called by many names including Wildcat, Chaparral, Commander and Nova. It’s along with rumored that Chevy considered using the letters “GM” in the name, and came occurring gone G-Mini, which evolved into GeMini and finally Gemini. However, GM’s upper paperwork vetoed the idea, fearing the car might be a failure.

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