Lasers seem to be to be used for everything nowadays – from 3D carvings to acne removal. In order to understand how laser works on skin, hair and acne, it is first necessary to understand what laser is, in the first place.

LASER isn’t really a word – is actually an acronym, much like UNICEF or UNESCO. Its full form is “Light Hyperbole by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. As the definition/full form itself says, laser beams are produced by increasing light waves, I. at the. Increasing their amplitude.

This specific amplification is done by passing light waves repeatedly into a medium which causes the waves to rise in amplitude cosmetic clinic dublin. The medium is called a “gain medium”, and the amplification usually uses showcases or total reflecting prisms. The end result is that a highly focused beam of energy jets out of a cavity in one of the reflecting surfaces, and is accompanied by a relatively weaker beam of light that emerges due to the continuous and repeated glare taking place.

In hair removal, the frequency of laser is such that melanin-heavy follicles will respond better than the nearby, light-coloured portions. Thus, the laser beam is preferentially soaked up by the hair hair follicle, and its cellular structure is changed permanently by the action of the warmth.

This means that only people who hair is substantially darker than their skin will be ideal applicants for laser curly hair removal. Light blondes and redheads are automatically omitted from the laser depilation clinic, while people who have very dark skins may find that the higher intensity of laser is necessary to remove their hair. Since dark skin tends to absorb laser beams just as dark curly hair would do, it is quite likely that dark-skinned people will experience even worse swelling consequently of laser beam hair removal than those with fairer skin.

To remove acne, the pv cells aimed by the laser are haemoglobin-rich cells. The haemoglobin in the cells absorbs the laser beam, and gets heated up. This heat travels through to the sebaceous glands, which then slow down their activity dramatically. This way, acne can be minimized or prevented.

By dealing with the situation in its source, laser beam cosmetic technology provides non-invasive, almost painless solution for some of the most frequent aesthetic problems.

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