Being a single father or mother had its trials, but none are harder to face than the financial burden of raising a child or several children by yourself. Automatically, you go from having ample funds to hoping to get by on an amount that is significantly cut in half. With the average yearly payment of child support barely increasing above, it is simple to see why so many single parents struggle even with full time jobs.

Fortunately, there are programs that are offered in order to offer financial assistance for single parents. These programs are need based, and offer different degrees of support based on the specific needs of each family. While they is often time consuming to apply for resource links for single parents, the help and assistance that they feature are definitely more than worth it.

There are many government programs available to offer financial support for single parents. These types of programs are always Require and Income based, and family may qualify for a different level of support.

The first program that provides for a family’s essential needs is the Temporary Assistance for Clingy Families program or TANF. This is a nationwide program offered under the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program, and is merely offered for a limited period of time. This program offers both food assistance (in the form of an EBT credit card which is automatically filled with funds each month) and cash assistance plan, that offers a little sum of money for essentials which is added to the same card. In addition, if a family qualifies for cash assistance in certain declares they are also titled to other benefits as well. Including free daycare, gas cards or bus tickets, and clothing discount vouchers for work purposes.

The particular US Department of Well being and Human Services also provides a wide variety of programs which may offer financial assistance to single parents. These include the Reduced Income House energy Assistance System, which offers assistance in lowering or helping pay your monthly utilities. The Insure Kids Now – program, which holds a different name in each state. offers free or low cost health insurance coverage for all children.

In addition to the federal government funded programs offering support, there are also several of local agencies (in each city and state) which provide financial support for single parents. Simply by dialing 2-1-1 from any touch tone phone, you could be positioned in contact with an operator who can inform you about any resources that are available in your area. This is the easiest and quickest way to find the support you need.

Food banking institutions are especially helpful for individuals who find themselves in dire need of food. In case you are waiting for government assistance to commence, or desire a little help from month to month, an area food bank can help you stock your pantry until help occurs.

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