Chemistry equals silicone. Quite often its used to seal things against water, for example in the bathroom shower, where normally you will find silicone, because its water resistant. Due to this fact, it is an efficient component which usually used in hair care goods.

Which good effect the silicon’s can have in the hair care manufacturing!
Theologically there are some advantageous effects of the silicone polymer which can be positive used for the everybody’s hair care.

Silicone polymer provide slip & glow, also it can It straightens the hair, make it smooth and covers the hair. The nice outcome of silicone polymer at the haircare products are there as well, opening with the fact that silicone can really make hair that is dry and damaged look and feel like it’s healthy by filling in some porosity.

Silicone protects the hair from foreign elements, by “water proofing” each hair strand.

The unfavorable effects!!!

Silicone is h2O resistant. Its sealing the things it covers. It is not a natural component and its side effects are really bad for our hair. It gives the hair the illusion of a nice shine, but it is not the glow we want, this shine is not real at all.

Silicone polymer will weigh the hair down making it limp, lifeless, and with the time, the hair will appear dull as well. It prevents humidity from penetrating the hair shaft and becomes like a magnet for dirt and other elements. So over the time it will dry the hair and make it frizz and will finally break it. The silicone polymer layer keep off essential vitamins reaching and protecting the hair.

The negative effects for dry and curly hair because of the silicone polymer are the worst. On curly hair the silicons are much harder to get ride of. Also the silicone polymer buildup will stuck on the curls and the extra weight causing more damage over the time.

The Silicone polymer „builtup effect“

Silicone are very water resistant. So it will be hard to remove them of your hair when you applied them before. Because of that the silicone will additional layers to your hair, which is called “builtup” effect.

We’ve found when hair feels greasy, consumer especially woman will wash and style their hair even more. This is not improving the hair , this is damaging your hair.
We call this the cycle of damage.

How to find silicons in haircare.
There are plenty of silicone types in hair products. Some are binary compound soluble and others not,but I recommend not using any type of silicons. “silly-cones” they are called as well.
Silicons are often called with names like Dimethicone Amodimethicone Dimethiconol or Cyclopentasiloxane… and there is much more..

Choosing a silicone free product

A little research before you purchase a hair care product. Always check the ingredients. Don’t believe everything they mention on the ingredients list of the hair product

What you can use !!!

There are new materials like one is called OFPMA which is supposed to have a very advantageous property for hair, without the bad outcome. The benefit there is that it controls the moisture vapor flux, which means less frizz and a longer lasting hairstyle.

Natural ingredients can be exchange the silicone as well, which i prefer to use and recommend for everybody.

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